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Town of Salina Playgrounds

In addition to the swim programs, the Town of Salina offers several supervised playground activities, Karate camps and Arts & Crafts sites. These activities occupy the minds and talents of thousands of young visitors as well as many programs for adults during the long winters of Central New York.

During the summer months, each park/playground that has a pool will have a playground staff member on hand to oversee the general park usage. They will be on hand to answer questions, sign out playground equipment such as basketballs, etc., at times participate in low organizational games and work with a variety of media on Arts & Crafts projects. Special programming: Zoo to You, the Magician and perhaps even a visit from Rosie the Clown. Special Note: Children are free to come and go at any Salina playground. It is between the parent/guardian and their children to arrange when they can leave the site. Salina does not sponsor day camp or day care.


Please view the Town of Salina Recreational Program for dates and park locations.

4 on 4 Basketball League

Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday 6:00pm to 9:00pm at the Salina Town Hall Gym. For more information please contact


Mondays and Thursdays beginning at 6pm at the Salina Town Hall Gym.
For more info log on to

Adult Recreation Programs

The Parks Department offers evening activities at the Salina Town Hall at 201 School Road in Liverpool starting at 6:30 p.m. Co-ed volleyball can be played in the gymnasium on Friday evenings from October through the following April.

Senior Citizen Programs

A comprehensive senior citizen program, which includes activities such as bus trips, picnics, luncheons, boat trips, movies, play and concerts keep nearly one thousand seniors active at the following locations:

Any Town of Salina resident at least 60 years of age is welcome to join one of the groups listed above and enjoy the fellowship, good times, and happiness that are found in all of the groups.

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