Town Supervisor, Nick Paro

The Town Supervisor's Office includes a full time Supervisor and one staff person. The Town of Salina is a suburban town. The Town Supervisor is the chief executive officer and head of the administrative branch of town government. The Supervisor presides at the meetings of the Town Board and is responsible for the proper administration of town affairs as well as the maintenance of peace and order in the town. The Supervisor's duties include preparation of the preliminary town budget, special district budget and the capital budget, if any, with the assistance of the director of finance, and to submit the completed documents to the Town Board for review and final adoption. Additionally, duties include administering the fiscal operations of the town, including the budget after adoption by the Town Board, and to recommend modifications and transfers between appropriations in the town budget during the fiscal year. The Supervisor also keeps the Town Board informed generally concerning town affairs, financial conditions, and future needs of the town. As head of the administrative branch of town government, the Supervisor makes certain that the various town departments are delivering the necessary services to the public. In this capacity, the Supervisor hears questions and concerns directly from the public and takes the appropriate action to resolve any issues when possible.

Contact the Town Supervisor's Office

Phone: (315) 457-6661
Fax: (315) 457-4476


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