The Town of Salina Assessment Department consists of one experienced Assessor and experienced staff to assist residents with questions or concerns regarding their property assessment.

STAR Credit Recipients:  The State of NY began issuing STAR credits to taxpayers in our school districts in early September, and they will continue to issue them through the following weeks. If they have the information necessary to issue your STAR credit and you are eligible, your STAR credit should be issued by September 15. Kindly anticipate a delivery window of 5 to 10 business days. If the required information for processing your STAR credit is unavailable or if you are deemed ineligible, a letter will be dispatched to you. This correspondence originates from the State, and you must respond accordingly. The Credit is received in the form of a check; the Exemption is received in the form of a deduction on your School Bill.

Tom Cardinal, SCA
Phone: (315) 451-3231

Marc DiCerbo

Assessment Clerk
Karen Shenandoah