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Town of Salina 1% Loan Program Report

The revolving loan fund has recently reopened due to loan paybacks and loan management of inactive cases. Homeowners with loan cases that were inactive for more than three months received written notification that they were being dropped, but were welcome to reapply.

Loan Uses:

The majority of Homeowners who applied for a Town of Salina 1% Loans used the loan funds to replace their roof. Almost 50% of applicants had a roof replaced or repaired. Almost 30% of homeowners replaced windows as a stand-alone project or in conjunction with other repairs. Fifteen percent of homeowners replaced exterior doors, and all of those that replaced doors did so in conjunction with other projects like window replacement. Other popular items included installing gutters, removing hazardous trees, sealing or replacing driveways, repairing an HVAC system and addressing drainage and plumbing issues.

Customer Snapshot – The Coleman Family

Town of Salina shared on Facebook that it would utilize American Rescue Plan Act funding to partner with Home HeadQuarters to offer $15,000 home improvement loans at a 1% rate.

The family knew that their home needed some work, but they weren’t yet able to work out the financing through any traditional outlets. “Having the opportunity to apply for these funds at that 1% rate, it really expedited our timeline for getting these things done.” 

The section of Liverpool that the family lives in was one of the last parts of the Town of Salina to go online for the program, so the family took the time to get prepared. By the time their home was eligible, they had already submitted all the necessary documentation.

As a result of the partnership between the Town of Salina and Home HeadQuarters, the home now has a new roof, new windows and a new entry door. “The process was super simple, the staff at Home HeadQuarters was incredibly responsive, and they did everything that they told us they would.”

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