Yard Waste Pickup - 2024

Superior Waste Removal Inc. is contracted with The Town of Salina for the collection of yard waste.  As in previous years, your collection day will remain the same as your trash day. Because of this, we ask that you place your yard waste items on the opposite side of the driveway from your household trash.  Please be sure not to place your items in such a manner that it obstructs traffic, pedestrians, or drainage.

Brush will be collected starting March 11th through December 13th, 6 A.M. - 9 P.M.

Christmas trees only will be collected from January 2-20 on your usual collection day.  All decorations, lighting, and the stand must be removed.  Do not cover or wrap the tree in plastic.  Trees that may be in or behind snowbanks will not be removed.  Artificial trees are not accepted.

Regular Collection

Limbs will be collected provided they are bundled and tied together, (Twine and Rope Only) less than 4 feet long, and less than 50 pounds in weight. Limbs shall have a diameter no greater than 3 inches.

  • Removal and disposal of trees are the sole responsibility of the property owner and are not under the brush contract.
  • Brush will only be collected in rigid plastic or metal containers or biodegradable (no plastic) lawn and leaf bags. Full containers shall not weigh more than 50 pounds. No cardboard boxes, wheelbarrows or drums should be used. 
  • Plastic bags may not be used either inside or outside of the rigid containers.
  • Dirt/Sod must be removed from plant roots. Dirt/Sod will not be disposed of as brush.
  • All potted plants shall be removed from their container (pot). The container will not be collected as part of this service.

Items that will not be collected include: Pumpkins, dog waste, construction materials, fencing/deck materials, tires, batteries, automobile parts, or brush from other districts.

Any of these items mistakenly left at the curb will not be picked up and according to Town regulations, must be removed from the street side before 9 P.M.  on collection day. Please remember should you have any of these items or any other service requests please contact us at Superior Waste Removal for a quote @ 672-3174.  All other questions concerning brush should be directed to the Town of Salina @ 457-6661

2024 Holiday Delays:

  • Memorial Day – All pick-ups will be delayed by (1) day this week
  • Independence Day – No pick–up on July 4th, Thursday and Friday will be delayed (1) day
  • Labor Day – All pick-ups will be delayed by (1) day this week
  • Thanksgiving - No pick–up on Thanksgiving, Thursday and Friday will be delayed (1) day

All other holidays will remain on regular schedule.  Holidays that fall on the weekend will not be observed during the week.