Migrants from NYC - Latest update (05.24.23, 1:48pm)

Liverpool, NY (05.24.23, 1:48pm) – This morning, New York City Mayor Eric Adams came to his senses and chose to obey a court order barring the relocation of his migrant crisis to Onondaga County.

“This is a great victory for our community,” commented Town of Salina Supervisor Nick Paro. “Our town took on a behemoth, Salina will not become home to the issues Mayor Adams does not want to deal with.”

New York State Supreme Court Judge Robert Antonacci ruled on two temporary restraining orders that bans the hotel from housing the migrants and stop’s New York City from relocating migrants to Onondaga County.

Supervisor Paro remains optimistic that the New York State Supreme Court will issue a full restraining order banning the transport of the NYC migrants to Salina and will continue to make the needs of the Town of Salina front of mind across New York State and Central New York.

“Residents in Salina can rest easy tonight knowing that their local leaders are willing to stand up for them and we refuse to back down from New York City’s obnoxious behavior in attempting to force us to take on a problem that they themselves are failing at controlling,” concluded Paro. 


Liverpool, NY (May 23, 2023, 3:36pm)“The Candlewood Suites is barred from making any changes to the hotel to host long-term residents without a zone change from the Town of Salina. It is also not permitted to host migrants from New York City.”, says Salina Town Supervisor Nick Paro.

“David took on Goliath in court today and we found a small victory. It’s a temporary order, but we are optimistic that we will receive a full restraining order to prevent our small town from becoming home to these migrants,” Paro said.

"I am pleased with this outcome and look forward to being granted the full restraining order. Salina residents will always come first, that is the path I took when I was sworn into office and I plan to uphold it,” concluded Supervisor Paro.


Liverpool, NY (May 23, 2023, 2pm) 

Today, the Town of Salina sued the Candlewood Suites on South Bay Road and is seeking a Restraining Order to prevent the hotel from housing migrants sent from New York City. We are pursuing every legal remedy to protect the Town of Salina from becoming the center of Mayor Eric Adams self-inflicted migrant crisis.

It was shocking to learn that the hotel had been housing people, many of them who may have had personal struggles or already on public assistance, for long periods of time. If all of this is true, it seems they used predatory practices to entice vulnerable people to stay in their hotel and provided minimal standards of cleanliness and accommodations. Now that the ownership has been approached to house these migrants at a premium, they seem to be throwing these folks out of the hotel without any care for what ends up to them.

It’s simple, the hotel was not meant for long-term stays and is violating our Town Code. If they want to become a long-term stay establishment, they need to come before the Town requesting a zone change. Until then, the operators of the Candlewood Suites are acting with blatant disregard of our Town Codes.

The Town of Salina will not be intimidated by the Mayor of New York. When I told them we don’t have room for the migrants, and that this action would be in direct opposition to Onondaga County’s Executive Order, they ignored us and seemed to not care.


Supervisor Paro: “ This is a New York City and Washington DC problem, not a Liverpool, Mattydale, and Lyncourt problem.”


Liverpool, NY (May 22, 2023, 9am) – After declaring the Town of Salina closed to illegal migrants, and after County Executive Ryan McMahon issued an Executive Order barring illegal migrants from being housed in Onondaga County, New York City Mayor Eric Adams contacted Salina Supervisor Nick Paro. In their call, the Mayor’s office made it clear that they intended to send a bus filled with illegal migrants to Salina’s front door and leave them in one of the many hotels within the town.

“There was no consideration given for our Town, or even for the illegal migrants themselves,” commented Paro. “New York City is a sanctuary city that cares very little about giving sanctuary, as of late. The Town of Salina has made no such promise and should not be held to the standard the New York City mayor refuses to hold himself to. The Town of Salina, in partnership with Onondaga County Ryan McMahon’s office, intends to fight back against this breach of intermunicipal trust to protect our community from becoming New York City’s dumping ground for their illegal migrant problem.”

“Mayor Adams clearly hopes nobody will find out about a small Upstate New York town getting saddled with his illegal migrant issue because, in his mind, nobody should notice or even or care about Salina. Well, I care and the people of this community care,” continued Supervisor Paro. “I have directed our town attorney to file for a Temporary Restraining Order to prohibit the New York City Mayor from filling Salina with illegal migrants.”

“The immigrant and refugee communities are an incredible jewel of our Town, and they are welcomed with open arms in the Town of Salina. The failure of the Biden administration to close the Southern border, and the ineptitude of Mayor Adams’ own administration to uphold its promises as a ‘sanctuary city,’ is not a problem residents and businesses in the Town of Salina should have to deal with.”

“My office will use what resources we do have to fight back against this blatant disregard for Salina and its residents. It’s a David and Goliath situation, but we know the community has our back,” concluded Paro, whose town of 33,000 residents is dwarfed by the 8.5 million residents in New York City. “Salina hotels are not equipped to become shelters, nor have they been vetted or approved by the State to act as such, even on a temporary basis.  Our business climate, strained as it already is by New York State malfeasance, cannot withstand this additional burden, especially in our hotels.”

“I said it last week and I will reiterate it today, this is a New York City and Washington DC problem, not a Liverpool, Mattydale, and Lyncourt problem.”