Town of Salina Swimming Program

The Town of Salina offers American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim and open swim at the four pools listed below for six weeks during the summer months.

LEARN-TO-SWIM Program: Children must be 5 years of age by the beginning of the session for which they are being registered. Registration is made in person from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at any pool in mid-June.  Specific dates will be published on our web site or by calling the parks office.

  • Duerr Pool
  • Richfield Pool
  • Sehr Pool
  • Wemesfelder Pool

Swim Sessions: There are 3 swim sessions being offered which last 2 weeks each. You must be a Town of Salina resident and show proof of residency at the time of registration. Lessons are given in the morning and last one-half hour, Monday through Friday.  The swim sessions are held during the month of July and into the first week of August.

The fee for swim lessons covers 10 consecutive half hour lessons in each session. There will be no refunds for missed classes. Each session requires a fee and they are as follows:

  • 1 child = $10.00
  • 2 children = $15.00
  • 3 children = $25.00


  • Special family rates are for immediate family members ONLY
  • Each session includes 10 lessons
  • Swim lessons for non-residents will be given ONLY when openings become available

For security purposes, individual pool telephone numbers will not be given to the public. In the event of an emergency, recommendation is made to report directly to the pool or call the parks & recreation office at 315-451-8110.

Town of Salina Resident pool Passes:

All pool patrons must register to use Salina's pools at any of the 4 pools. There is no charge for Town of Salina residents but you will be required to produce 2 forms of identification when applying for a pass: a photo ID and a form with your address, such as a utility bill. For pool patrons under the age of 18, those family members will be included on the parent's pool pass. For non-residents wishing to use our pools, there is a fee.

Non-resident Fee
Adults - $2 per day
Under 18 - $1 per day

TOWN RESIDENTS ONLY - Birthday Swim Party

Party Time 10-12pm (Saturday or Sunday only) $125.00 (maximum 20 swimmers)

Please complete an online permit and email to the Parks Office.  You can also contact the Parks & Rec Department at 451-8110 (9am-1pm) for instructions on completing the permit.

poolTown of Salina Pool Hours:
Monday - Friday
9am - 12pm - swim lessons
12pm - 7pm - open swim
Saturday & Sunday
12pm - 7pm - open swim

Please read the Pool Rules for more specific information.

All Pool Patrons must Register to use Salina's Pools

Two forms of ID will be REQUIRED; one, a photo ID and secondly, another form such as a utility bill. Recommendation is made that adult Salina residents register for their children as well as for themselves. The card issued will be good for the pool season. There is NO fee for RESIDENTS, non-resident adults will be charged $2 per day / $1per child under 18yrs. Pool patrons may register during pool hours daily at any of the (4) four pool sites until the remainder of the season.